Durango Friends of the Arts –Minutes Thursday, Nov 8th 2018

Home of Nancy and Derrill Macho

Call to Order: Kristi Nelson. 10:30 AM

Attendance: See attached. 40 members signed the attendance sheet with some additional members/guests in attendance.

Approval of September minutes: Motion: Carol H. Second: Judy F. All in favor.

Officer Reports:

Prospecting Report: Karren L. felt her goals had been achieved for this fundraiser. The total amount raised was $23,357. She would like to have this fundraiser held the last Friday in September from now on. Unfortunately the Glacier Club Prospector’s Hall is not available September 27, 2019 so tentatively she is looking at September 20th, 2019 for the event. Karren thanked everyone who volunteered and commented that they all outdid themselves. Karren will chair this event in 2019.

Treasury:  Georgeann R. As of October 31, 2018 we have $41,589 in our operating account and $100 in our grant fund account. Total income for October was $20,125 with expenses of $8,200 for a net gain of $11,925. Year to date net income is $37,525.

Grant income after expenses generated this year as of October 31, 2018 is $35,370. To date this year we have disbursed $26,000 in grants, our 2018 commitment.

A summation of key items during October:

              $164 from Ska Brewing for their Token Tuesday Program.

              $25 from Amazon Smile Program bringing total to date this year $86.

              $100 donation from Mahjong Mavens.

Prospecting for the Arts:

              Auction: $12,368

              Donations: $170 from members

              $2,000 from sponsors

              Ticket Sales: $210

              In-Kind Contributions: $1,308

                            Total net income to date for the Twilight Affair $23,357

The Barn BBQ & Hike brought in $1,315 in income

Spooktacular Event brought in $1,605 in income (expenses $449.95)  Net $1,155.05

The membership unanimously approved the Treasurer’s report.

Membership:  Debra M announced we have 25 new members this year. The new member’s luncheon will be held on Dec 13th at her home and the invitations are in the mail. A team consisting of Nancy K, Rani H, Susi A, Carol T and Georgeann R will be working on the idea of online membership payments to see if it’s a feasible option for 2019 membership payments. The details will be discussed at the Dec meeting. Nancy K will present all the ideas in Dec.

Hospitality: Carol B thanked Nancy K and Debra M for helping with the food for the meeting and Nancy M for allowing us to use her home. She asked members to sign up for providing refreshments for January 24th meeting at Sorrell Gallery.

Publicity:  Carol H has sent in “Thank You” for the Prospecting event and the notice for the Nov 16th bake sale at the Bank of Colorado to the Herald.

Newsletter:  Myriam P reminded all that the deadline for Blast Fact info has to be to her by Nov 19th with newsletter distribution on Nov 29th.

Facebook: Rani H mentioned how important it is to utilize Facebook to attract new members and potential donors to our organization. Susi A said that the “public” DFA page should be as much fun as the “members only” page. The discussion of members not wanting their pictures on FB was brought up again. Carol T mentioned that 35-40 members do not want anything posted about them on the internet. How this will be eventually handled will be discussed in future meetings.  Any FB entries should be sent to Rani in any form other than a PDF and she can import the information to the page.

Grants/Website:  Carol T says she has 27 grant applications and everyone is asking for substantially more money than usual but the process is moving forward.  Karren L mentioned that the increase in asking may be due to the city grant being disbanded in Durango. That amount totaled 20,000. Myriam P congratulated everyone who has ever worked on the Grants Committee because it’s a rigorous process in determining who we can help but that is what DFA is all about, giving back to the community.

Carol T discussed the issues she was having with our website and its inability to download a PDF. The webmaster she is working with suggests we don’t integrate FB because it will crash our system and cost a lot of money to fix. Carol will continue to work on the situation to see if it can be resolved.

Fundraising:  Loraine S out today. She is recovering from knee surgery. Judy F said she is in contact with Loraine and she is recovering well. Spooktacular was a success and will probably be repeated in 2019. We have two fundraisers left this year. Nov 16th bake sale at the Bank of Colorado, 9-12 in the lobby and the Christmas cookie exchange at JoAnn T home on Dec 6th. Please contact JoAnn at 970-403-4148 or joanntrimberger@hotmail.com if you will be attending.

Susan W asks that you please sign up if you can help work a shift for Noel night, Dec 7th. We will be selling Diva & DFA merchandise.

Nancy K mentioned the new Art and Mystery book club event which is to begin in January on the 22nd. So far there are 15 people interested. There is a suggested $5.00 fee for the meeting. The monies will be donated to DFA. The initial meeting will be held at the public library at 1:00.

There is the “Playing with Words” event on January 15th. The fee is $40.00 which will include lunch, snacks, wine and fun at Nancy Macho’s home. 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. RSVP to Nancy at: machoranch@frontier.net or call (970) 259-0609.  

The Divas will perform again at SnowDown February 1st. Comic Con is the theme. The cost is $55.00. Rehearsals begin January 9th. Per Susan W “there will be lots of lights!” Please join us.

Kristi N. “if you’re not going to be a Diva at least come to the parade and support them. It’s great community exposure.”

All ideas for future fundraising events must be presented to the board for approval. Please let Nancy Macho know if you have any ideas for 2019.

New Business:

2019 Slate of officers/Nominating committee. Carol B. presented the list.

President –Debra May, Vice President – Loraine Sufficool, Secretary – JoAnn Trimberger, Treasurer – Georgeann Reitz, Membership – Susie Ammann (Nancy Kimble-Roster/Online membership payments,)

Fundraising –Nancy Macho, Merchandise – Nancy Jane Haar and Susan Weirather/Assistant (1 vote), Prospecting for the Arts & Programs – Karren L, Chair (1 vote), Hospitality – Carol Bruno and Mary Kay Lambert (1 vote), Historian – Myriam Palmer (non-voting), Grants – Carol Treat (1 vote)

Communications Chair (new position, 1 vote overseeing the following) Kristi Nelson, Newsletter/News-blast (back-up Myriam Palmer) Publicity – Leslee Shell, nonvoting, Website-Carol Treat, nonvoting. Social-media, Rani Holt, nonvoting. Outreach – Nancy Kimble, nonvoting. E-cards, membership roster, letter to new members, on-line membership payments.

Motion to accept the slate of officers:  Carol T. Second: Marilyn G. All in favor.

Nancy K mentioned in the future it would be nice to know what positions are available to fill because new members would possibly like to join. Susan W said that all members are able to attend board meetings and that was another way to know what was always going on within DFA.

2019 Grant reviews

Kristi N. After careful review we will have $39,700 to apply towards the Grant Fund Amount. Karren L offered to donate $200.00 towards the fund and Myriam P offered $100.00 so the amount would round up to $40,000.

Motion that DFA allocate $40,000 for the 2019 Grants with the caveat that the board can review and adjust as needed at the December board meeting.

Motion: JoAnn T Second: Carol T. All in favor. Unanimous

Any other new business?

Reminder: the January membership meeting will be held January 24th at Sorrel Sky Gallery downtown Durango.   Karren L will be in charge of programs in 2019 so if you have ideas please contact her.

Kristi N: Meeting adjourned.

Notes taken: JoAnn T Secretary

Karren L introduced program speaker. Jane Gould – Durango Antique Market.

After the program the group continued to participate in a silent auction and delicious refreshments.






     Durango Friends of the Arts

General Membership Meeting Minutes

   September 13, 2018


Karren Little, standing in for Kristi Householder, opened the meeting at 5:30 stating this would be a very short business meeting followed by the Grant Recipients presentations.


Treasurer’s Report:  As of August 31, 2018, DFA had $25,484 in our operating account with $5,450 in our grant fund account. Income for August was $5,066,

and expenses were $770 for a net gain of $4,296.  Year to date income is $21,420.


This month we disbursed $1,350 to the Durango Choral Society with $5,350 left to be disbursed. 



August Key items are: 

       $1, 200.00  from Kroegers Ace Hardware’s Roundup Program

              24.71    Amazon Smile Program

              60.00    donation from Thingamajig Theatergoers

 Prospecting for the Arts:

       Donations:  100.00 John Culver;  

 Kristi Householder 55.00

Ticket Sales:              2,265.00

       In-Kind Contributions:   615.00


Merchandise Sales generated $237 at July 12 Meeting

Wine Drawing at July 12 meeting generated $455

$50 in membership dues


Carol Treat made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report;

Myriam Palmer seconded the motion and members approved. 


Karren asked that everyone consider renewing their City Market community rewards membership and to consider taking part in Natures Oasis Wooden Nickel and Kroeger’s programs. 


Meeting adjourned at 7:45 p.m.


Respectfully submitted by Carol House for Joanne Trimberger












 Minutes approved 7/12/2018 

DFA General Membership Meeting

Thursday May 10th – 10:00 Social/10:30 Meeting- Enos

Call to order: Kristi H. Welcome and thank you to Allison Dance for allowing us to host our meeting at Enos.

Attendance: See attached

Approval of Minutes: Motion: Carol B.  Second: Leila G.  Vote: All in favor.

Treasurer’s Report: Georgeann R.

As of April 30th, 2018 we have $12,762 in our operating account and $10,550 in our grant fund account. Total income for March and April was $4,678 with expenses during the two months of $976 for a net income of $3,702.

During these two months we disbursed $6,275 in grant money to the following organizations: San Juan Symphony, Take the Lead, Boys and Girls Club of La Plata County, Merely Players and 20 Moons’ Artist Showcase. This leaves $10,450 yet to be disbursed.

A summarization of key items during March and April:

  1. $1,565 in membership dues.
  2. Accessorize Me brought in $1,695 plus $190 in-kind donations.
  3. Hand & Foot raised $565 plus $168 in-kind donations.
  4. Write your own Orbit raised $485 plus in-kind of $41.
  5. Animas Chocolate Factory tour brought in $110 plus in-kind of $30.
  6. March and April merchandise sales were $124 and the March drawing, $60.
  7. Kroegers sent us a check for $54.29 for the City Market rewards program.
  8. Brochures, banners and business cards were ordered totaling $443.

The organization’s federal filing for the 990N was completed and submitted as well as the Colorado registration renewal.

MembershipDebra M says that dues are still owed by a few members. She encourages everyone present to talk to non-members and encourage joining DFA. She passed around the membership roster for everyone to check their email addresses for accuracy.

Hospitality:  Carol B and Mary Kay L discussed our Potluck General Membership luncheon at Mary H on July 12th. Carol B said the meeting would start at 10 with lunch and entertainment to follow. Volunteers are needed to setup and breakdown. We will still use the alphabet system to determine who is going to bring what dish for the luncheon. All info will be in the email blast.

Programs:  Karren L discussed:

 The Annual Summer Pot Luck at Mary H home was discussed. Our entertainment will be Denise Leslie who is a Ukulele Enthusiast and coordinator of the Rocky Mountain Ukulele Festival.

Newsletter:  Myriam P. Lorraine S mentioned that anyone who is holding a fundraising event is responsible for getting all information to Myriam P so she can get it in the newsletter as well as our informational blasts that are now going out to membership. Also info to Carol H as well so she can get the information into appropriate publications.

Website: Carol T. absent, however updates have been made.

Grants:  Carol B has mentioned that thank you notes have been received from a number of grant recipients. In the last 2 months we disbursed $6,275 to 5 recipients.

One of our grant recipients is the Durango Cowboy Gathering.  Pam Jacobs gave a quick presentation about their upcoming Barn Dance and Picnic at Rotary Park with Tim Sullivan June 10th. Tickets are $15.00 and can be purchased online.

Publicity:   Carol H. All events must submit their info to Carol H in order for her to promote in a timely manner.

Merchandise:  Susie A., Susan W.  Wallet giveaway. 

Fundraising:  Lorraine S. / Judy F. Upcoming events are numerous. Anyone holding an event is responsible for turning in the appropriate paperwork to Georgeann.

May 18th – Mah Jongg. Held by Marcia Baxter and Joanie Peterson. $35.00

May 19th – Stillwater Party in the Park, 12-5:30. DFA is a sponsor, merchandise to be sold.

June 2nd – Edgemont Garage Sale/Accessory Sale. 7-12:00

We have left over accessories from our March Event. We need volunteers and a house in which to set up the event in Edgemont. Steve and Kristi have volunteered to pick up the bins and deliver to the member’s home. Naomi B. said she “possibly” could have it at her house but she needed to check with her husband first. Lorraine S said the items would be either $1.00 or $5.00 in order to keep it simple. All left over items are going to be donated to possibly the Humane Society or The Methodist 2nd hand store.

June 16th – Father’s Day Pie Sale at Farmer’s Market. 8-12:00. Pies are still needed!!! Call JoAnn at 970-403-4148. Pie’s delivered by to the Farmer’s Market by 7:30 AM please…..

June 23rd– High Tea at Debra May’s home.  $35.00. High Tea Attire.

July – Round up at Kroeger’s Ace Hardware.

July 12th Potluck luncheon. Mary H. 

Sept. 28th– Prospecting for the Arts, Glacier Club 4 – 7:30 PM.

Karren discussed the new event we will be holding in September at the Glacier Club. Prospecting for the Arts—A Twilight Affair will be held at the Mine Shaft Event Center from 4 – 7:30 September 28th.  Volunteers are still needed to work in the mine shafts and monthly group meetings are taking place now in order to make this a fabulous, financially viable, new event for DFA. Karren says we have enough ideas for the next 3 years to support this new endeavor. She also mentioned that Sandy Bruce has generously donated $1,000. Tickets will be $55.00 each or 2 for $100.00. Our goal is to raise $20,000.

Oct 13th – Fall Barn Party and Hike, Debra M/Carol H.

Dec 6th – Cookie Exchange, JoAnn Trimberger’s, $35.00 11 – 2PM

Additionally, Sky Ute Booth Application Completed, Hillcrest Women’s Golf Chili Pepper Tournament request has been made. Token Tuesday at Ska Brewing is still pending.

New Business:  Both of the proposed changes were approved by the board at our April 12th board meeting, however any bylaw revisions musts be voted on by the membership.

(Article V. Officers – #5 Treasurer) Bylaws currently read. All checks are to be countersigned by the President. A minor by law change would require either the President of the Treasurer.

Proposed motion: I move the bylaws be revised; eliminating the need for all checks to be countersigned by the President and replaced with checks can be signed by either the Treasurer or the President.

Move: Leila G. Second: Judy F. All in favor.

Bylaws also read that the Treasurer shall have an audit of the accounts of the corporation made by a committee appointed by the President.

The term ‘audit’ is limiting – as official ‘audits’ can only be done by very specific certified public accounts. There are only 3 in Durango who provide such services and audits start at $8,000. The board voted to remove the word audit and replace with ‘independent financial review.’

Proposed motion: I move we revise the bylaws striking the word “audit” and replace with “independent financial review.”

Move: Myriam P. Second: Dana W. All in favor

Reminder:  Next General Membership meeting with be in July at Mary H.

Meeting adjourned by Kristi H. and turned over to Karren L. to introduce today’s speaker Colleen O’Brien representing the City of Durango and Cristie Scott, Public Art Commissioner.






                     Approved May 10, 2018


Four Leaves Winery – 10 a.m.


10:30 a.m.  Meeting Called to order by President Kristi Householder.

SPECIAL THANKS – To Dean Fagner (Owner of Four Leaves) for hosting our group this morning.

 GUEST/New Member Introductions:    June Hall, Virginia Cavanagh, Denise Leslie

  Recording Secretary:  Susie Ammann for Joanne Trimberger


Approval of January Minutes:  A correction was made by Marilyn Garst.  On page 3 of the January minutes,  our meetings are on the first Tuesday, not Thursday, of every other month.

Motion:_Leela Gill    Second:__Marilyn Garst

 Treasurer’s Report:  Kristi for Georgeann

DFA Treasurer’s Report January & February 2018

As of February 28, 2018 we have $9,060.48 in our operating account and $16,825 in our grant fund account.  In January & February we brought in $5,438.35 in income and had expenses of $442.15 for a net of $4,996.20.

In February we disbursed $9,275 in grant money to the following organizations:  Durango Art Center, Southwest Civic Winds, The iAM Music Institute, Be Frank Foundation and Music in the Mountains.  This leaves $16,725 yet to be disbursed. 

A summarization of key items this year in 2018:

 $1,750 in membership dues

$337 in donations including Overall Art $100, Nancy Kimble $100, Kroger $57, MPS Processing $61& Amazon Smile $20

$2,632 from Divas fundraisers, for a total Divas of $2,918 (2017 & 2018) plus $144 in-kind donations

$78 from the January drawing

$20 from January merchandise sales

February Fundraiser – Write Your Own Obit income of $435 plus in-kind of $41


Please remember membership dues are due and it’s time to renew your City Market community rewards membership.   Also, don’t forget Amazon Smile, Natures Oasis Wooden Nickel, and Kroeger’s programs.  They all add to our goal.

Motion:_Carol Bruno      Second:  Lorainne Sufficool

 Officer Reports

Membership:  Debra May

Reminder – 2018 Dues must be received by March 31st in order to remain on our roster.

 Newsletter:  Myriam Palmer   Next Blast Fact Sheet to come out March 29th.  Send her info to be included by March 22nd


Programs:  Karren:  We have some exciting programs lined up for this year. 

May 10- Colleen O’Brien – City of Durango Public Art

July 12 – Denise Leslie – Durango Uke Festival

Sept. 13 – Grant Presentations

Nov. 8- Jane Gould – Durango Antique Market – “What to do with your collections that our kids don’t want.”

 Hospitality/Grants:  Carol B.  Thanks to_Rani Holt and Marilyn Garst for bringing food for today’s meeting.

From Carol B-  Do we need coffee at meetings??  Trying something new today – with tea & coffee bags.

It was decided that the large coffee urn is not necessary, and is too cumbersome and wasteful.  We are switching to bottled water, hot water for tea and instant coffee in the form of bags.

 Grant Updates:  All 2018 Grant Recipients have been notified and are requesting funds.  Request for volunteers to bring food to the May meeting.

 Publicity:  Carol H., not present.

Web site:  Carol T.  (Recovering from surgery)

 Fundraising:  Loraine/Judy.   If you have an interest in hosting an event this year, let us know.

Thank the Diva’s for all they have done to ‘kick start’ this years’ fundraising efforts!

Upcoming Events.

  • Accessorize Me – March 17th (Saturday) at the Main Mall. (835 Main) 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Leela Gill, Dana Wilson.  Donate items for sale.  Hats, scarves, costume jewelry, purses.

Volunteer to help the day of the event for the following shifts:  10a-12, 12-2p, 2-4p.  Volunteers also needed with set up the day of, and help with loading cars the evening before with tables and merchandise.  Tables needed – contact Dana or Leela. All proceeds are a donation to DFA.  Volunteers working the event are asked to wear DFA logo aprons.  If you do not have one, Susie will provide them from merchandise.  The aprons are $10 each.

Animas Chocolate Factory Tour  March 19th ,  $15, 10am and 11:15 am  Contact Rani Holt

Floral Design Class, April 4th,  La Plata County Fairgrounds  $55 pp  Contact Rani Holt

 Round Robin Game Afternoon/Luncheon. Friday April 13th – 11:30-3:00ish.

Hosted by Siggy Palmer & Nancy Jane Haar.   $35 p.p.  (All proceeds benefit DFA!)

RSVP:  (20 gals only, space is filling up)

Reminder:  Sign up for City Market cards/ Amazon Smile:

Kroger’s Ace Hardware Round-up:  (Approved for July)


Croquet and Rose’:  We have some friends willing to organize an obstacle croquet course, if someone is interested in hosting this event.  Requires a large flat yard space.  Sandy Bruce mentioned her property as a possibility…

Card Making Class – Guyneth Zimmerman,   May 9th.  Details to be announced.

Mah Jongg Lunch and Hike – June 15h,  Marcia Baxter

Ska Token Tuesday – Loraine has submitted the request for us to participate.

Sky Ute Money Booth – application pending approval

Leather Cuff Class – Lisa Skyhorse, date to be announced.  Two possible options, a beginner class for those who missed out on the last one, and a more advanced class for 2nd timers…

Merchandise:  Susie/Susan:   Susie asked the membership for merchandise ideas.  Merchandise sales for today totaled $53.00.    Kristi donated a beautiful cork wreath and 2 DFA wine glasses.  The drawing generated another $60.00.  Total deposit from today $113.00.

 New Business

 Fall Luncheon:  New Venue.  Karren

We are excited to announce we have an exciting new venue for the annual Fall Luncheon.  It will be held on September 21st at the Mine Shaft Event Center at Tamarron/Glacier Club.   Karren Little spoke about the upcoming March 15th – Brainstorming Session,  10:30 a.m. meet at the new venue/ 11:00 lunch (sampling of menus- cash lunch/cash bar – RSVP required.) After; a brainstorming session, at Carol Treat’s home at the Glacier Club.  This is our biggest fundraiser of the year…and WE NEED YOU!  You all have talent, and Karren wants you to use it!


 Reminder:  Next Membership Meeting to be held on May 10th – at the Home of long time member Marian Pierce.  (North Animas Valley)   Program:  Collen O’Brien – City of Durango, Public Arts.  10 a.m. Social- address:  11317 C.R. 250.

Any additional announcements?  Happy Birthday to Nancy Macho!


Meeting adjourned:  Turn the program over to Karren Little to introduce Bob Candon with the Durango Celtic Festival.  The Durango Celtic Festival received a DFA Grant in the past and will have their festival with live music this weekend. 





Approved at the General Membership Meeting in March 

DFA General Membership Meeting

Thursday Jan, 18th – 10:00 Social/10:30 Meeting

First National Bank Community Room

Call to order: Kristi H. Welcome.

Attendance: See attached. (32 Signed check-in sheet.)

Approval of Minutes: (November membership meeting.)

Motion to approve: Caroline T. Second: Judy F.  Unanimous Vote: Approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Kristi wanted to thank Christine R. for serving as our treasurer or the past 2 years and to Georgeann R for stepping up to help DFA.  We are so fortunate to have such a qualified person to step into the Treasurer’s role.

Georgeann R. said that our year-end total in our operating account was $30,858.92 and $100.00 in the grant account. She moved $26,000 into the grant account leaving a balance of $4,858.92 in the operating account. Kristi H reminded all of us that we have to sign up yearly for the City Market card so DFA can get our donations.

Motion to approve: Susan W. Second: Carol H. Unanimous Vote

Kristi H introduced the 2018 board members. Kristi Householder remain/ President, Karren Little/ Vice President/Programs and Fall Luncheon Chair, JoAnn Trimberger / Secretary, Debra May and Joanie Peterson/Membership, Loraine Sufficool and Judy Fairchild /Fundraising, Myriam Palmer/Newsletter, Carol Treat/Website, Carol Treat/Grants, Carol House/ Publicity, Carol Bruno  and Mary Kay Lambert/Hospitality, Susie Ammann and Susan Weirather/Merchandise, Ellen Siegel/Outreach.


Membership: Debra M. and Joanie P.

Debra reports that we have 4 new members. Membership dues should be in at the end of March. She also noted she had business cards if anyone wanted any to pass out. Kristi H. encouraged everyone to bring guests and new members to DFA.  New members can determine how much or how little they wish to participate, as meetings are held every other month. Also, if you would like a copy of the membership roster just contact Debra. The complete 2018 roster will be available after April 1st.


Fundraising: Loraine S. and Judy F.

Loraine passed along a list of ideas for 2018 fundraising. She stressed, “As chair of a particular event, it is that member’s responsibility to manage all details and run the event.” “You own it, you run it!”  However she and Judy were there to help with plans, pricing, suggestions and soliciting member volunteers to assist.

A sampling of possible 2018 events include:  Marcia B and Joanie P will be holding a Mahjong and Hike at her home in June, Debra M will be holding another Barn party. Carol H, another Hand and Foot event, Kristi H and Debra M, a High tea, Carol B. a Stained glass sun-catcher workshop, Rani H. flower class and also Animas Chocolate Tasting, Trivet making class at Nora M.’s home, Game Day Luncheon by Siggy P. and Nancy Jane, Card Making at Guyneth Z.’s, French cooking class/Carolyn P., Leather Cuff Class at Lisa S.’s,  Recycle Purse/Hat/Scarf party hosted by Dana W. & Leela G., the Pie sale is on for June 16th by JoAnn T and the date for the Cookie Exchange is slated for Dec 6th. More to come.  There was a lot of interest and enthusiasm and those potential 2018 events will be approved by the board at the Feb. 8th board meeting. 

Upcoming Fundraisers

Mary K. announces a “heads up” to all. The Diva’s pre-parade party will be held at The Red Snapper on Monday, Jan 29th at 5:00. Come dressed up, black tie-ish!  A portion of the “Diva Drink” bar proceeds will come back to Diva/DFA.  Divas will dance in the Feb. 2nd Snowdown Parade. Susan W. says that the Diva’s have raised $1,050.00 so far and income goes to DFA. Also, current merchandise sales numbers are $575.00 with the annual Do’s and Don’t’s coming up as another option to raise more money.

Kristi again reviewed the Thursday Feb. 15th ‘Write Your Own Obit’ workshop – 10 a.m. at First National Bank.  $25 p.p. – open to the public.

NEW EVENT:  Board Vote to approve a possible new fundraising event:  Jane Robinson will check to see about having a simulcast for the Snowdown Follies.  Kristi asked for board to take a quick vote of approval to move forward with this possible event.  Carol H. moved, and unanimous approval was given from board members present.  Jane is welcome to proceed.

Programs:   Submit any ideas you have for a program to Karren. She is still working on details for this year’s programs.  

Karren L. has scheduled the March 8th Membership Meeting to be held at the 4 Leaves Winery, 568 Main Street. Music will be provided, possibly Celtic. Karren has also accepted to Chair the Annual Fall Luncheon, so please volunteer to help out if possible.

Hospitality: Mary Kay L. and Carol B. (Seeking volunteers:  sign up to assist with refreshments at upcoming events.) Thank you to all who provided the fruit and treats today, Teresa Lashley, Pam Jacobs, Annette LeMaire.

Publicity:  Nothing new.

Newsletter: (Kristi for Myriam) Newsletters will be emailed only on membership meeting months. On opposite months – we will send out an abbreviated “Blast Fact” listing of upcoming events. Our new “BF” email will be on Jan 25th – deadline to submit information to Kristi is Jan 22nd.

Website:  Carol T states she is working on a few issues regarding the website.

Merchandise:  Susie A and Susan W. working on Diva merchandise sales for DFA.  They had a drawing for Brenda Macon’s greeting cards. 

Old Business:  At the November business meeting we voted to distribute $26,000 for Grants in 2018. Carol B and her committee met on Jan 11th and have prepared a list of recipients for the membership’s approval. Carol T. made a quick presentation and the list was passed around. Kristi H asked that they be returned because of confidentiality reasons.

Motion to accept the Grants Committee Recommendations: Carol T. Second: Joanie P.  Unanimous Approval. 

Carol B will send a letter to all recipients and work with Georgeann (Treasurer) to administer distribution of the grants.

New Business:  Volunteer of the year was awarded to Carol Bruno. Carol has worked tirelessly for DFA for many, many years serving as President numerous times and chairing many events time and time again. We cannot thank her enough for all she has done and continues to do for DFA. Congratulations Carol!

Announcements:  Mark your calendar for the second Tuesday of every other month. Our next membership meeting is scheduled for March 8th at 10:00. Four Leaves Winery.  568 Main.

Meeting adjourned: Kristi H.

Program Introduction: Brenda Macon- Overall Art – local artist, art instructor and DFA member.

Submitted by JoAnn Trimberger




DFA Membership Meeting

Thursday, November 9th, 2017 – Home of Lisa and Loren Skyhorse

10:00 AM Social / 10:30 Meeting

Call to order by Kristi H. 22 members in attendance. See attached.

Approval of Minutes:

 Motion by Judy F.  Second by Christine R.

Treasure’s Report: Christine R. $30,800 currently in the account. $100 was placed into a Grants  Fund account as well.  

Motion to approve: Karren L. Second by Nancy K.  Approved Unanimously.

Fall Luncheon Recap: Kristi  H. applauded all who were responsible for the Annual Fall Luncheon and Silent Auction. The cash donations received amounted to $569.00, the Silent Auction raised $7,695 and ticket sales for the lunch were $1,243. It was a huge success!

Fundraising:  Kristi H. congratulated Lorraine S. on her tremendous effort and success this year as our Fund Raising Chairperson. Lorraine mentioned the Leather Cuff- Making class following the meeting today. If you were not able to get in on the class you were invited to observe. The Cookie Exchange being held on Dec 7th at JoAnn Trimberger’s home was discussed. The date was unfortunately not put in the last newsletter but that will be remedied by an early release of the next newsletter to be issued the week of Nov 20th. Lorraine also mentioned that she was working on 2018 fund raising events and she would let all of us know when the lists was finished.

Diva’s and Snowdown: Mary Kay L. talked about needing more ladies for the Snowdown Parade. She said the routine was simple and to contact her or Susie A. if interested in participating. There is also a Diva reunion being held at the Red Snapper on Monday the 13th from 5:30 – 7:00. Bring your spouses.

Dana  W. also mentioned that on the same evening  the Rochester Hotel is being used as a drop off center for Woman’s Aid. They are in immediate need of help so contribute if possible.

Kristi H. also mentioned that she will be holding “Write your own Obituary” on Feb 15th, 2018 at the First National Bank. The cost is $25.00. Guys invited too.

Merchandise:  Susie A. mentioned they had great success selling their “bling” at the Fall Luncheon. Also, she will be selling on Noel Night outside of Karen Gabaldon’s store as well as during rehearsals, outside of some stores and also Magpies.

Kristi H. mentioned that on Noel night Karen Gabaldon will donate 10% of her sales to DFA.

Publicity:  Carol H., nothing new to report. 

Newsletter:  Myriam was unable to attend so Kristi H. reminded everyone to get their info to Myriam by Nov 20th so the newsletter can get out early.

New Business:

Grant Budget for 2018. Last year we granted $23,000 for 19 different organizations. Our requests this year, per Carol B., are over $62.000.

Kristi H asked that someone make a motion for DFA to issue $26,000 for grant distribution in 2018. Utilizing $21,000 from the grant funds generated in 2017 and roll over $4,800 from the administrative funds collected in 2016 and 2017 totaling $26,000. Additionally, Kristi H. moves that the board has the option of reviewing additional grant funds collected from the November and December events to determine if any additional monies might be available for 2018 Grant Fund distribution. Carol B. had originally requested $27,000.

Motion: Joanie P. Second: Nancy M.  All in favor.  Motion passed.

Officers/Board Members: Kristi H. is looking to add some co-board member positions for our existing roaster so we will have some up and coming board members for the following year when many of these positions will be vacated. Anyone interested in serving DFA please let her know. Christine R. mentioned that she will not be serving as Treasurer next year.


Board Meeting/ New Member luncheon on Dec 14th at Debra May’s.

Next business meeting will be held at the First National Bank on January 18th which is the 3rd Thursday of the month to accommodate the holiday schedules. 10:00 program by Brenda  Macon.

Kristi adjourned the meeting. Karren L. to introduce Lisa Skyhorse

Submitted by JoAnn Trimberger





 Durango Friends of the Arts

General Membership Meeting

September 14, 2017

Strater Hotel Pullman Room

Meeting was preceded by optional pasta buffet


Call to Order: President Kristi H called the meeting to order and welcomed members and guests.


Approval of Minutes of July Meeting: motion to approve, Myriam P, second by Susan W, passed unanimously.


Approval of Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Christine Rachlin gave a report highlighting program balance of $2,969.74 and grant balance of $11,383.27.

Motion to approve Treasurer’s Report, Susie A, second Judy F, passed unanimously.


Upcoming Fundraising Events:


Sept. 22 – Fall Hike & Picnic -Debra May reported preparations for the Fall Hike and Picnic at her home in Destination Ranch, BBQ with all the trimmings,

Time – 3:30-7:30p.m.  $40p.p.


Sept. 28CPR Instructional Class:  “Save a Life” – Mary Kay Lambert reported the full range of lifesaving instruction available, Time, 10-11:30 a.m. Cost, $35p.p.

Location, Durango Public Library.


Oct. 13- Annual Fall Luncheon & Silent Auction:  Cost -$45p.p., Location:  Strater Hotel, auction in Oak Room, Luncheon in Henry Strater Theatre. Kristi reported in Carol B’s absence -Silent Auction 10:30 a.m. – 11:50 a.m.  (Christine collecting silent auction items)  Luncheon & entertainment by Daniel Russell (Durango Voice winner) and several couples from Durango’s Dancing with the Stars” to follow at noon. (Karren L reported.)  Myriam, reservation’s chair, reported several tables already filled and tables will be assigned according to postmark on reservations mailed to PO Box.


November 9 – Leather Cuff Making Class – Judy reported. Class will follow the membership meeting at the Home of Lisa & Loren Skyhorse –$40p.p.  (10 person limit)


NOVEMBER 9th MEMBERSHIP MEETING:  Home of Lisa and Loren Skyhorse.

10 a.m. social, 10:30 a.m. meeting.


Nature’s Oasis Wooden Nickel Program in October – put a wooden nickel in the designated container when you bring your own bags.


Shout out to Kroeger’s for donating $2,000 to DFA for one week in July in their round up for non-profits program.


Kristi adjourned the meeting to introduce the presenters representing the 2017 grants awards. Since its inception, DFA has distributed over $500,000 in grants.


In 2017, DFA awarded $23,100 to the following groups.

  • Merely Players – Found Space Theatre & A Secret Garden/ Adult & Youth Theatre      Charles Ford
  • Be FRANK Foundation – Project O.I.N.K Karl Herr & Exec. Dir. Lech Usinowicz
  • Dumpster Beautification Project Debra Greenblatt (will try to attend)
  • Durango Arts Center: Creativity Festivity / Holiday Family Musical Production of Annie, And Visual and Performing Arts Scholarships:     Sandra Butler & Kate Loague, New Dir.of Development at DAC
  • Durango Celtic Society Festival Bob Condon
  • Durango Choral Annual Children’s Music Camp Amy Barrett
  • Durango Cowboy Gathering: Poets in the Schools Linda Mannix
  • 4 Corner’s Chapter of the Am. Orff-Schulwerk Assn. Mika Inouye & Mark Walser
  • Music in the Mountains Goes To School Sean Mallow
  • San Juan Symphony Youth Orchestra Kathy Myrick
  • Jeff Solon “Live Music in the School House” Jeff Solon
  • Southwest Civic Winds Concert Elizabeth Crawford & Ruth Katzen
  • Stillwater Foundation – 7th annual Party in the Park Jereon vanTyn
  • Stillwater Foundation – Youth Scholarships Jereon van Tyn
  • Thingamajig Theatre – Karren Little for Laura Moore
  • 20 Moons Artist Showcase: Mika Inouye & Jereon van Tyn


Respectfully submitted, Myriam P for Secretary JoAnn T































Page 2




General Membership Meeting Mary Husemoller’s Home

General Membership Meeting Minutes 

Approved at at meeting –  September 14,2017

July 13, 2017 – Home of Mary Husemoller


Kristi called the meeting to order with a heartfelt thank you to Mary Husemoller for opening her

beautiful  home and sharing her time to help make the luncheon so special. Thanks to Marian

Pearce for the colorful Hawaiian dishes/decorations and Carol Bruno, Mary Kay Lambert, Kristi Householder, Georgeanne Reitz and Susan Weirather for helping.


Treasurer’s report: Christine reported that fundraisers have been very successful. Joann’s pie

sale raised $900 with $100 in merchandise sold also. (Caroline Todd presented a check for $40 to add to the pie proceeds.) The Mahjongg luncheon hosted by Margie Wilson and Loraine Suffield brought in $1000, and Kristi’s Evening on the Animas brought in

$1265. Veryl Goodnight sent $300 which was a 10% commission for art sold to DFA members and guests who purchased art as a result of the meeting at her home & gallery in May.

Publicty: Carol House said the Herald’s non-profit guide will be published at the end!

of this month. Great news is that when buying a colored ad this year, we were able to have

two separate ads at no extra cost. The colored ad is to promote the fun that DFA members have and the black and white ad tells what DFA’s mission/purpose is.


Membership:  Contact Debra May if there are email address changes or anyone needs a copy of the roster.


Hospitality: Nothing to report today.


Merchandise: Susie announced there are many wonderful gifts for the drawing today so buy tickets!


Next Fundraiser: Fall Hike & Picnic Debra May & Carol House are hosting a fundraiser at their Destination

Ranch on Sept. 22, 3:30 to 7:30. There will be a barbecue dinner, fun games, a hike and a

chance to simply enjoy this scenic area where scenes from the movie, City Slickers were filmed.

Individuals and couples are invited, cost is $40 pp with checks made out to DFA and paid by Sept. 8th (BYOB event)


Other Fundraisers: Round-up at Kroegers Hardware.  Loraine said that Kroger’s Hardware has agreed to allow us to round up our purchases and they will give the extra change to DFA. Cashiers will mention this when purchasing, so spread the word to family and friends.


CPR Informational Class:  Mary Kay Lambert has arranged for a “Save A Life” CPR talk at the Durango Public Library September 28, 10 – 11:30 a.m. For $35. per person, we will learn how

we might be able to save someone’s life. This class is not one where we will be actually doing CPR.


The West in Song & History:  Karren Little has arranged with the Strater to give DFA $10, for each person (up to 10 people) who books a Thursday night at their Western Performance series. Doesn’t seem like much but with a show every Thursday all summer and into the fall, DFA may end up with at least $1,000 and none of us have to do a thing. We, and our friends, just have to mention DFA when we call for reservations. (A list of dates/shows is in the newsletter which is posted on our web site.  Kristi’s fundraiser, How to write your obituary, will be a February event.


Freaky Friday/ Annual Fall Luncheon and Silent Auction:  Carol Bruno and her committee are already working hard on this event which will happen on Friday, Oct 13. If you have donations for the silent auction, please get them to Carol Bruno, cjbruno.50@gmail.com. For the auction items you won’t be able to live without, know that checkout will be much quicker this year. The program that was supposed to make checkout easier last year failed us and we are going back to the old fashioned way and that is to have 5 checkout stations plus a couple of more credit card stations.  This is a biggest fundraising event of the year.  Invitations are available now. 

New Business: Next board meeting is August 10, 2 p.m., at First National Bank.


September 14 is the Grant Recipient Dinner & membership meeting in the Pullman Room at the Strater Hotel.

This is an important informative meeting and the grant recipients are given 3 mins to explain their programs and how they used their grant funds. 


Nov. 9 Lisa Skyhorse has offered to have a general membership meeting at her house where

we will be able to tour the studio of her and her husband Loren. They make beautiful saddles and other leather works.


Meeting adjourned at 11:15 for the program presented by Hula Dance Ohana  (anandafoleystudio.com)


Respectfully submitted, Carol House





May 11, 2017

Minutes  approved  July 13, 2017 meeting

33 Members & Guests attended

10:00 social/10:30 meeting at home and studio of Veryl Goodnight in Mancos.

Meeting called to order by Kristi. She thanked our host and hostess for allowing us into their home and studio. Approval of Minutes: Nancy M. moved to approve. Second, Judy F. Motion Carried.

Treasurer’s report: Checkbook balance is $9,201.32 with $3,430.00 in our administrative/membership fund. We have $11,000 in last year’s grant fund yet to be distributed. Mary Orsini moved we approve the Treasurer’s Report, motion Seconded. Unanimous approval.

Programs: Karren L. discussed the Hawaiian themed potluck lunch in July 13th with Hula dancers attending. Mary Kay will be sending out emails to members so they know what category of food they should bring. This is based on the alphabet letter of their last name. Karren also discussed the Grant recipient dinner meeting at the Strater Hotel on Sept 14th. Maggie S. mentioned how important it was for members to attend this meeting because it really shows how important the work of DFA is and how our monies are used throughout the community. The November 9th meeting will be at the home of Lisa and Loren Skyhorse (leather artists.)

Karren mentioned the new summer shows to be held at the Strater. The Strater will set aside 10 tickets for each show and the first 10 DFA members to call and identify themselves will result in $10.00 of their ticket cost being donated to DFA. Watch newsletter for details

Karren also mentioned Ann Butler’s health status and if anyone was interested in helping Ann out with financial support to speak with her about it.

Publicity: Carol H. Nothing to report.

Membership: We are currently at 94 members. Please check the roster for accuracy.

Hospitality: Mary Kay to send instructions for potluck lunch.

Merchandise: Susan W. to man the booth at the Stillwater Foundation event on May 20th from 12-5:00. Volunteers needed.

Newsletter: Myriam: June newsletter to go out May 25th. Please submit info by May 18th.

Fundraising: Still waiting on news about the money booth at Sky Ute Casino. Margie W. home on May 19th. Plant sale, salad and potato bar, Mah Jongg. Evening on the Animas at Kristi H home, June 10th. The 3rd annual Father’s Day Pie Sale at the Durango Farmer’s market Saturday June 17th. Pies needed, contact JoAnn. October 13th is our biggest fund raiser for DFA. Auction items are beginning to be collected so everyone look for good items to donate to DFA. Volunteers needed! Anyone interested in planning an event to call Lorraine S.

Meeting adjourned by Kristi H.                                     Submitted by JoAnn Trimberger




DFA General Membership Meeting Minutes

March 9, 2017 – Stillwater Music
10:00 a.m Social/ 10:30 a.m. Meeting/ 11:00 a.m. Program

 approved May 11, 2017

Call to Order: Karren called the meeting to order and introduced Jeroun van Tyn, instructor at Stillwater Music and thanked him for hosting our meeting in their new facility.

Welcome: Karren welcomed members, new members, and guests on behalf of President Kristi who is recovering from back surgery. Myriam Palmer taking minutes for JoAnn Trimberger.

Approval of Jan. 12, 2017 minutes: Minutes have been amended slightly. Publicity Report now reads ‘Carol House reported that event notices have been in the Herald, the Telegraph, What’s Happening and Neighbor’s Magazine had a full page write up about DFA in their monthly issue.’ Motion to approve the amended minutes by Myriam, second by Carol B approved unanimously by voice vote.

Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Christine was absent due to illness and sent her report and highlights were presented by Karren. Motion to accept Treasurer’s Report by Nancy M,Second by Nancy K, approved unanimously by voice vote.
Thanks to Susie A for organizing successful “Get Fused” fundraisers and also for leading the first Historic Walking Tour for the Durango Tourism Office. Thanks also to Christine and Nancy M for assisting with those walking tours.

Officer Reports

Membership: (Debra May absent) Reminder 2017 Dues are due no later than March 31st to remain on roster for event mailings. Karren made a special appeal to members present to encourage friends and previous members to join. There are so many exciting programs and fun fundraisers planned and unless current members renew by March 31, their names will be dropped from the roster and no longer receive the newsletter.. Please note: Guests are always welcome at all meetings and encouraged at most events.

Programs: Chair Karren reminded members of upcoming membership programs.

May 11 Membership Meeting – Nationally Acclaimed Artist Veryl Goodnight- Home Studio – Mancos. Meeting will be at Veryl Goodnight’s home studio, light refreshments will be available, and members will be encouraged to travel to the town of Mancos to visit some of the venues in this vibrant arts community.

July 13 Summer Pot Luck – Mary H. Home – Hawaiian Theme – Hula Dancers Perform

September 14: Grants recipients reception at Strater Pullman Room, night meeting.

November 9: Lisa Skyhorse, saddle/leather artist.

Publicity: Carol House has given information about the Coctktails & Creations event to the Telegraph and the Herald. Leela announced that her husband will be making a video of the event.

Hospitality: Carol B and Mary Kay with assistance from Susan Welty and Carol H prepared refreshments with a St. Patrick’s Day theme.

Grants: Carol Bruno Solicit Committee Chair for 2018 and 5 new committee members.

Newsletter & Web Site: Members of the BOD will receive newsletter deadlines from Kristi.

Fundraising: Loraine provided sigh-up sheets for upcoming fundraising events.

Leela leads Cocktails and Creations – March 16 (Next Thursday 6-9pm)

Nancy Macho will provide breakfast, snacks, and lunch with wine for the April 20th 10a.m. Playing W/Words Game Day, cost $40pp. More details about other planned events (Marji Wilson games and plant sale w/baked potato luncheon, Zumba class, garden pot making class with instructor from Durango Botanical Society, Hand and Foot card game instruction in May, Carol H Chair). Some new ideas were explored as well. Details will be in the newsletters and sent to members as available.

Merchandise: Susie A brought numerous DFA items, including wine glass lanyards, sparkle lanyards, pens, and other merchandise plus new mugs. Sales were brisk!

Today’s Drawing: Myriam Palmer won beautiful hand painted note cards and Mary Kay won a beautifully hand decorated egg, both gifts from Kristi.

No other old or new business.

Motion to adjourn by Carol B, second by Carol H, approved unanimously by voice vote.

Program: Jeroen van Tyn, instructor at Stillwater Music, introduced the students from the Vox Harmonix group who preformed several numbers. Karren presented a bag of money collected from the members to support costs for the renovation of their new facility. Jeroen thanked DFA for our grant support.

Respectfully submitted by,

Myriam Palmer, reporting for JoAnn Trimberger, secretary


DFA Membership Meeting January 12, 2017 Minutes
Durango Arts Center
Amended 2/24/2017 KNH
Approved March 9, 2017

27 members & guests signed the roster

Welcome: Karren welcomed the group and gave a brief history about the organization and then presented Kristi with the President’s Necklace which is passed to each new President along with the gavel.

Call to Order: Kristi thanked the 2017 board for serving, Welcome to new board members; JoAnn Trimberger, Secretary, Ellen Siegel, Outreach, and Loraine Sufficool and Judy Fairchild, Fundraising.

Volunteer of the Year Plaque was presented to Myriam Palmer for her dedication to DFA in 2016. Myriam has been the Newsletter, Website and Secretary to Durango Friends of the Arts for several years.

Approval of Minutes from the November 10, 2016 meeting at Sorrel Sky Gallery. No corrections were made and a motion to accept was presented by Susan Welty and a second by Marcia B. Vote taken and passed approving the minutes as presented.

Treasurer’s Report: Christine reported that the bank balance as of 12/31/2016 was $26,881.03 and an accounting report was presented. Carol H. moved we accept the Treasurer’s Report as presented. Judy seconded, and the motion carried unanimously.

Kristi recognized JoAnn and her committee Susie A. and Mary Kay for hosting the December Cookie Exchange, which generated $525 to the grants fund. Everyone agreed this should be an on-going annual event.

Membership: Dues for 2017 are now due; $35 per individual/ $50 couple. Kristi asked that members please make sure information on previous roster is correct. Debra, our Membership chair was unable to attend, however, she sent a recap with 11 new members already this year. New members include: Sheri Rochford Figgs, Pamela Jacobs, Marilyn Rozak, Katri Annast, Kate Poppe, Patricia Bilyk, Georgeann Reitz, Barbara & Skip Vaughan, Sally Wingate, Tonya & Lyle McKnight, Lisa & Loren Skyhorse.

In an effort to address the Grant recommendations prior to any recipients being in attendance, Kristi asked that Carol B. move this old business agenda item forward in the agenda.

Old Business: At the November business meeting we voted to distribute $23,000 for Grants in 2017. Carol Bruno held a meeting of the Grants committee and have prepared a list for your approval. Since this list is not for the public, it will not be printed in the minutes as they are printed on the website. Motion presented to accept grant funds as presented by the Grants Committee by Daphne and seconded by Susan Welty. Motion passed.

Programs: Karren spoke about the upcoming programs for the year. March 9- Stillwater Foundation, May 11 – Nationally acclaimed artist Veryl Goodnight (Mancos), July 13- pot-luck and Hula Dancers.

Fundraising: Loraine & Judy passed around a sign-up sheet looking for people to host and or sign up to help support some fundraising events. Nothing scheduled now except the Fall Luncheon Oct. 13th. Carol B. to chair that event.

List of possible fundraising events: Mah Jongg baked potato bar & plant sale, Get Fused Glass Workshop, Sky Ute Casino Money Booth, Floral Class at Blossom, French Cooking Class, Farmer’s Market Bake Sale, Cocktails & Creations Painting Class, Halloween costume event, Holiday Cookie Exchange, Fall Game Day & Luncheon, Bus Trip to Wine Country including spouses, Kentucky Derby Hat Party, Historic Walking Tours, Texas Hold’em instruction/tournament, Jewelry & Art Sale, Estate/Garage Sale/Game Day & Mah Jongg Lessons. They will report on the results of their signup sheets later.

Carol B. mentioned Blue Grass Meltdown offer (since they missed filing for the grants this year) and they would be interested in some sort of joint fundraising. Susan Welty offered to help.

Publicity: Carol H. said articles have been in the Herald, The Telegraph, What’s Happening and Neighbors Magazine had a full page write up about DFA in their monthly issue.

Guest Presentation: Christie Scott, Executive Dir. of the Durango Arts Center was introduced and welcomed by the members. Thanking DFA for our support. She mentioned upcoming shows and events. The Sweetheart of the Arts which is in February and she urged us all to participate. Program brochures were in the back of the room.

Newsletter & Web Site: Myriam asked that February newsletter submissions be sent to her by Jan. 23. Several members have noted they were unable to download the roster off the web site. If a member needs a copy, please contact Kristi and she will mail a hard copy to you. Let Carol T. or Myriam know if you are unable to get onto the website.

Hospitality: Mary Kay & Carol B. Thanks to Leela for providing refreshments today. They will be seeking volunteers to assist with refreshments for future meetings.

Merchandise: Susie A. and Susan Weirather did a drawing for an original glass plate from Gabaldon Gallery and the lucky member was Loraine. We earned a total of $115. Susie and Susan said new merchandise was on the way.

New Business: Kristi introduced new members who joined at the meeting; including Bobbie Carll, Teresa Lashley and Penny Youngflesh. There was no other new business.

Announcements: Calendar of Events –Please mark your calendars for the second Thursday of every other month. Our next membership meeting will be held on March 9th . 10:00 a.m. at the Stillwater Foundation next to Katzin Music in the Crossroads Center.

Program: Karren introduced Twenty Moons; they held a great dance performance.

Meeting Adjourned!

Respectfully submitted by Carol Treat in JoAnn’s absence.

Note Additional Board Vote: Following the meeting, seven board members voted and approved a Feb. 21st fundraising event for “Get Fused” glass workshop. In accordance with the bylaws, events must be approved by the board before they are promoted. Voting to approve this event: Kristi, Judy, Susie A., Carol B. Christine, Karren and Mary Kay. Susie A. has agreed to chair this new event coming up soon.



Durango Friends of the Arts
November 10, 2016
Minutes- General Membership Meeting – Sorrel Sky Gallery, Durango
Approved January 9, 2017

21 Members signed the attendance sheet

Welcome– Kristi H. {Pres. Tina Marie unable to attend.}

Note: Myriam P. will take minutes as Secretary for this meeting.

Susan W. collected tickets for a beautiful hand-made necklace donated by Nancy Macho. The winner, will be selected at the end of the meeting.

Minutes- Sept. 8, 2016 meeting at the Strater Hotel. Kristi asked if there were any additions or corrections to the minutes as distributed. Carol T. moved to accept the minutes as recorded. Judy F. seconded. Motion Carried Unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report- {Christine out of town.} Balance of $23,724.89 as of Nov. 2, 2016. Noting we will have a bill for $100 to Eagle Sound (luncheon) and $ 98.05 for the rental chairs for today’s meeting.
Kristi reported, the fall luncheon and silent auction was a huge success at $10,932.29 plus the merchandise Susie and her husband Dan sold for us. $546.00. Kristi offered a copy of Christine’s P&L statement if anyone would like to see. Connie V. moved we accept the Treasurer’s Report. Caroline T. seconded, and the motion was approved unanimously.

Kristi recognized the Fall Luncheon Committee for their hard work. Carol Bruno (lead) and Susan Weirather as her co-chairCommittee Members: Myriam Palmer, Karren Little, Christine Rachline, Rhonda Polsfut, Marian Pierce, Carol Treat, Mary Kay Lambert, Judy Fairchild, Sonya Bailey, JoAnn Trimberger, Carol House and Karren Little for arranging the entertainment. And thanks to all of you who purchased tickets and auction items!

Donations: We want to be sure and recognize those who generously contributed, but also those who so generously purchased items. Kristi read a list of corporate contributors to the auction and asked that we thank them, when we use the certificates.

Programs- (Karren absent) Kristi announced that the next meeting will be held on January 12. More information about the programs for 2017 and locations will be announced. She asked that members mark their new calendars with the second Thursday of every other month as we start our new year.

Fundraising- Maggie Sauer/Connie Voss: Kristi congratulated the two volunteers for their successful year in helping DFA raise funds to benefit the arts. Maggie reviewed one final event for the group: NEW EVENT: JoAnn Trimberger’s Holiday Cookie Exchange Thursday Dec. 8th at 1:30 p.m. Cost is $25 per person payable to DFA. Bring 2 doz. cookies and a wrapped ornament for the gift exchange. (Note: If you don’t want to bring cookies, come anyway, you just don’t get to take any cookies home.) There will be an ugly Christmas sweater contest and appetizers and refreshments will be served. RSVP with JoAnn to reserve your spot prior to Dec. 2. Email: joanntrimberger@hotmail.com JoAnn was available to take checks and will distribute directions to her home via email.

Publicity- Carol H. (absent) Kristi commented on the nice article in the Neighbor’s Column about our recent luncheon. A thank you letter for donations for the luncheon should be appearing in the Herald soon.

Newsletter & Website- Myriam stated that the web site is up to date, and new approved minutes will be available online soon. Expect to see a December newsletter with a wrap up from Tina Marie.

Merchandise- Susie A./Susan W.: Both were on hand and selling merchandise and have some unique ideas for merchandise next year.

Hospitality- Carol B./ Mary Kay : Thanks for today’s refreshments: Supplied by Mary Kay, Nancy M., Loraine S.

Grants- update 2016 Naomi Beans (absent)- All grants have been distributed.

2017 Grants: (Carol B. absent) (presented by Kristi) Carol has been working with her committee. DFA has received 22 applications and committee members will be contacting applicants and making recommendations. They are planning to meet on Jan. 9th before our next membership meeting to make final recommendations, which we will vote on at the Jan. 12 meeting.

Carol has asked that we allocate $23,000 for the 2017 Grants. (Remember, we have a bank balance of $23, 724.89 but there are a couple of outstanding bills.) She stated that we won’t be risking depleting our account, as we do have one additional fund raiser in December and membership dues for 2017 will also be coming in January. Leela G. moved we allocate $23,000 for the 2017 Grants fund. Susan W. seconded the motion, and the motion carried unanimously.

New Business-

2017 Board and Officers: Nominating Committee- Carol B., Caroline T. and Christine R. (Caroline presented.) With a couple of open positions, Kristi asked for volunteers. With new volunteers added to the list, the 2017 Slate of officers/board is listed below: Kristi Householder-President, Karren Little-Vice President and Programs, JoAnn Trimberger-Secretary, Christine Rachlin-Treasurer, Debra May-Membership, Loraine Sufficool & Judy Fairchild co-chairs for Fundraising , Myriam Palmer & Carol Treat- Website, Newsletter – Myriam Palmer, Carol Bruno – Grants, Carol House -Publicity, Mary Kay Lambert and Carol Bruno – Hospitality, Susie Ammann & Susan Weirather – Merchandise and Ellen Siegel-Outreach.

Caroline T moved to approve the 2017 Slate of Officer, and Marilyn G. seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

Bylaw Change recommendation- The Board has requested the membership approve a very simple bylaw change. Board members have investigated the possible need for insurance for our organization, and after much discussion and the expert advice of both an attorney and a former banker, the board voted to decline purchasing insurance and protecting ourselves with just a one word change in the bylaws.

Article XII – Indemnity

The first sentence currently reads: The Corporation shall indemnify its directors, officers and employees as follows: …and then goes on to talk about indemnification and liabilities. The board would like to change the word “employee” to “volunteers”.

Leela G. moved to accept this bylaw change by changing Article 12, first sentence the word ‘employee’ to ‘volunteers.’ Judy F. seconded the motion. Motion approved unanimously.

Carol T. reminded the group this bylaw change needed to be submitted and approved by the state. Kristi stated that Christine has agreed to submit. After the vote, some discussion was made with regards to litigation issues and discussion continued with a reminder that we are a small not-for profit group with few assets available for any kind of suit.

Announcements – Dates to remember:

Dec. 8- “Cookie Exchange”! 1:30PM. At JoAnn Trimberger’s home.

Dec. 9- BOARD Meeting for both 2016 & 2017 Board and Officers, followed by brunch with our new members. Debra May is hosting this event and invitations have been sent.

Final 2016 December Newsletter yet to come… Pres. Tina Marie’s Thank You and year end wrap up!

Jan. 12, 2017- General Membership Meeting.

Susan W. had the drawing for the lucky monthly meeting winner: Caroline Todd, graciously won the necklace created by Nancy Macho.

Program: (Organized by Karren) Shanan Campbell Wells, owner of Sorrel Sky Gallery both here and in Santa Fe.

Meeting Adjourned: Happy Holidays!