Durango Friends of the Arts was founded in January 1991, as a non-profit organization. Its purpose is to offer financial support for various performing and visual artists and groups in the Durango area. We host many fundraising events annually to generate funds in the form of grant money which we award to various nonprofit organizations, individuals, and schools for art-related programs whose goals are to provide educational and cultural benefits to the community.

Since 1991, we have distributed over $580,000 to the arts community in La Plata County. In 2019, grants totaling $45,000 were awarded to 26 local performing and visual arts programs and organizations.


Durango Friends of the Arts (DFA) was founded to excite and inspire support for all artistic endeavors, whether visual, music, or the performing arts. Our goals are to provide educational and cultural benefits to our community and to explore new opportunities and experiences for our diverse population.

By emplasizing programs for children and youth, Durango Friends of the Arts recognizes the value of establishing an appreciation for the arts, for generatonss to come.


President - Debra May
Vice President - Loraine Sufficool
Treasurer - Georgeann Reitz
Secretary - JoAnn Trimberger
Membership - Tammy Osborne
Programs - Karren Little
Fundraising - Rani Holt
Grants - Susie Ammann
Newsletter - Kristi Nelson
Social Media - Rani Holt
Publicity - Pam Jacobs
Outreach - Mary Kay Lambert
Merchandise - Sue Weirather & Jill Pettit
Hospitality - Carol Bruno
Historian - Myriam Palmer

Meeting Minutes and Newsletters are available upon request (who's email here?)

Durango Friends of the Arts By-Laws

Board member position descriptions